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There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of coffee pervading the place, carrying with it the hope of a new day

About Us

About Al-Khalil Al-Kubra Company for grinding grains, coffee, legumes and nuts

Al-Khalil Al-Kubra Company was established in 2017 by the sons of Al-Khalil, who made excellence and quality the words of the brand. “الخليل” coffee has maintained a unique aroma that distinguishes it from other brands in the Libyan market. However the company does everything possible to achieve direct and digital distribution in all areas, supermarkets and shopping centers, to ensure a guaranteed presence. In the spirit of continuous development,

Great taste

In the hands of coffee experts, Hebron coffee has a very wonderful taste and aroma

High quality

Coffee is our craft and passion and we want to share it with you

pure beans

Green coffee beans are cleaned and pre-soaked using water that moisturizes and prepares them for caffeine extraction.

proper roasting

Coffee is produced from the beans of the coffee tree, finely roasted and ground at a later stage.


The logo of Al-Khalil Al-Kubra Company expresses the new start in the world of industry in Libya, where the current stage will witness a new work vision at all administrative and production levels, in addition to the launch and launch of many different products to satisfy all tastes, thus enhancing the vision of Al-Khalil in leading the local market and meeting the needs of his clients

Our Great Products

Our products are characterized by high quality and workmanship,

cardamom coffee

pure coffee

Classic Coffe

Extra Coffe

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What Our Clients Say

What our customers say about Hebron coffee

I thank you for the wonderfulness of the coffee, because I have tried many coffee products, but I have not found such wonderful coffee.

Nasreddin Mukhtar

Finally, I got coffee that was free of emulsifiers and free of milk and bleaches. From today it is my favorite coffee

Abdelwahab Adel

A very luxurious and special product,

Mahmoud Saad